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Will we see a knockdown or KO in the main event tomorrow?

I've noticed that a good amount of people are predicting multiple knockdowns and a knockout for this fight. And it baffles me. Why does anyone even think this is plausible? Aside from "anything can happen in boxing" there is absolutely no reason to think a knockout is likely, let alone a single knockdown. Let's start with Floyd getting knocked down or out, as I feel that's a little easier to dismiss. I'm sure many regular users know all of this so feel free to ignore this post...
Floyd has never been officially knocked down by an opponent's punch. His glove scraped the canvas when Judah wobbled him and the ref missed it. His only official knockdown was when he hurt his hand and took a knee. He has hurt his hand several times since and shown it little more than letting his trainer know in between rounds. He's survived a few big punches, and recovered well, but he takes so few hits in general it's hard to really know how good his chin is. Based on the Mosley punch and Maidana counter-counter, I'll go out on a limb and say it's pretty solid. Think about the task before Pacquiao. He must be able to figure out a way past Floyd's defense. He must then capitalize and land a big shot before Mayweather adjusts. If he doesn't he's back at square one. Past that it's speculation. Obviously if those things happen and result in a knockdown, it needs to be early in the round. Mayweather seems to recover well in general so if it happens near the end of a round that might be the last opportunity he gets to make something big happen. If it happens early, again it's speculation. If Mayweather clinches, he can probably recover and adjust. If Pac can avoid the clinch, can Mayweather keep him at a distance while he recovers? Will Floyd be out of his element and just cover up? On top of these questions and ifs, Pac couldn't even finish the woefully overmatched Algeiri or significantly damage Bradley in 24 rounds.
Look at Pac's last three KOs. Cotto: knocked down because he was stumbling forward while punching air. Stopped because he got on his bike for far too long. Pac landed a huge amount of punches and Cotto couldn't adjust in the slightest. It just got more one sided as it went on, even though Cotto got off to a decent start.
Hatton: the guy could give a shit less about defense and walked straight into dreamland.
De La Hoya: couldn't pull the trigger. Kept thinking about it while Pac played target practice. Had little desire, little heart, little focus, little sobriety, and never fought again.
How are any of those even applicable to this idea Manny is going to KO or knock down Floyd? We might as well throw these ones out too.
So now let's look at Manny. He's been knocked down and out a few times, so people are saying it's more likely Floyd will be able to knock manny out. Let's start with the famous Marquez KO. I was watching live and literally thought Manny was dead. It's just one of those moments you never forget. I've probably seen that knockout more than any other in boxing, simply because it gets mentioned and posted so much online. And I don't think it plays into this fight against Mayweather at all. Here's why.
  1. It took Marquez 42 rounds to figure out how to do it
  2. It took Marquez countless PEDs to do it. Probably all the PEDs
  3. He practiced that specific punch over and over.
  4. He was fucking pissed off. Sometimes you're a professional boxer trying to use technique to hurt your opponent and not let them hurt you. And sometimes you get robbed and shit on and accused and looked over and you get knocked down and your nose broken and you just don't care anymore what happens, you're going to fucking knock him the fuck out before he does it to you. Floyd isn't anywhere near Juan's mental state at that time.
  5. Floyd's overhand right is not the same as Marquez'. Also, Marquez threw that with all the weight and power he possibly could. I can't recall Floyd doing that recently.
For his next most recent KO you have to go back down 8 weight classes. Think about that. He started a family, went through 8 weight classes, 32 fights (many wars, tough fights, and rematches), rags to riches, Clinton-Bush-Bush-Obama-Obama till he caved and gave a guy one more rematch than the vast majority of boxers ever get, before he got knocked out again. When Manny is hurt, yes, he tends to get reckless and start throwing back. But you know what? He also knows when to cover up and hit the ropes. And when he does throw back he's effective even while hurt. I can see it actually helping in this fight because Floyd isn't used to that. So if Floyd catches Manny, Manny's best bet may be to throw back, which will cause Floyd to play defense while manny recovers - remember Floyd never gets drawn into heated exchanges. If he covers up, Floyd will certainly unload some punches but he hasn't had a legitimate KO or knockdown in years.
So how would I rate Manny's chin? Slightly better than Floyd's, for a few reasons. One is simply because we know quite a bit about Manny's chin and not much about Floyd's. Manny has taken enough punches that we have a good read on when he's hurt or not. He's pretty tough in general. He's been in with big punchers. Hell, he's been in there with huge punchers, and guys that almost appear to be twice his size - and soundly beaten them.
Manny's chin is battle tested. Floyd's defensive mastery is his chin. This fight isn't going to be The War. It's going to be a technical battle. You get the best offensive fighter of a generation versus the best defensive fighter of a generation. Mayweather is like The Borg from Star Trek. You get a few good shots in and then he adapts and all of a sudden you might as well be firing blanks. Pacquiao is like a Klingon. A natural born warrior that favors aggression and would rather die fighting than surrender.
Edit: don't take the TLDR seriously.
TL;DR Manny got brutally knocked out by Marquez who was previously dominated by Floyd so Floyd is going to knock Manny out. Vs. I watch only Pacquiao highlight videos and read about how Floyd is a ducker so he's clearly in over his head and May 2 will be a reckoning for Mayweather.
Footnote: What about body shots? I remember when seeing Mayweather-Cotto and Mayweather-Maidana I being more impressed by how well Floyd took huge shots to the body than the head. I can't recall seeing either of these guys really hurt by body shots. I don't think it will be a factor.
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